Lilia López
One of a kind creations, of a one of a kind jewelry designer.

Arguably one of the most amazing success stories in jewelry design in recent years. Lilia López, was born in an aristocratic family in Valencia, city renowned in Venezuela for its beautiful women, of which Lilia is no exception.

Horse Show Jumper and Dressage competitor, exquisite hostess, well traveled, lover of beauty, mother of four (the youngest 15, only girl and the apple of her eye) this great granddaughter of former Venezuela’s president General Hermógenes López, has made a tremendous impact with her designs in very short time.
One could say that her success is owed in part, obviously aside from her exquisite work, to her cousin, fellow venezuelan top fashion designer Carolina Herrera who -breaking a life long tradition upon seeing Lilia’s work- decided to include her pieces in her Spring-Summer Collection, through a line called “Lilia Lopez for Carolina Herrera” which was featured, complementing Carolina Herrera’s beautiful collection, at Bryant Park, NY.
This is what Mrs. Herrera had to say about Lilia Lopez:
“It is my opinion that Mrs. Lopez is one of South America’s most influential jewelry designers. She has anamazingtalent for creatinginnovativedesignsthroughherspectacular use ofcolorsandshapes... Her designs and creative input was an asset to my collection. Mrs. Lopez has proven to be one of the fashion world’s most exceptional and truly original jewelry designers in the Americas.”
Some months later, Badgley-Mishka invited Lilia to team up with them at Colombia’s Inex Moda, resulting in more very well deserved recognition. They said about her:
“We were impressed with Lilia Lopez and her truly original designs. They’re bold, elegant, and feminine and gave that final touch to our collection. Undoubtedly, Mrs. López istopoftheline”.
After such an introduction, many top world class publications such as W Magazine, Book, Collection and Hola have featured Lilia’s work, consolidating her success.
Her expertise in this field comes, in her own admission, out of being a lifelong “compulsive consumer” as well as from her close relation through the years with top jewelers such as Philippo Moroni, Riccardo Sansoni, and the House of Bulgari.

“Precious and semiprecious stones, gold, silver… all my raw materials, alongside the beauty inherent in all women, is what guides me”, she says, “…they speak to me of the way in which they want to be combined… I just obey”.
This force that Lilia Lopez “obeys” results in stunning creations of the highest quality that are grouped in four main collections(Alba, Aurea, Atea and Amazonia) and just now a new line is being introduced in the market: TWO ELLE by LILIA LOPEZ... Pure Design!
After enjoying great success in Venezuela, London, Madrid and at seven different Neiman Marcus’s stores all over the United States, Lilia Lopez opened her first highly successful self standing store in the US, at 313 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL. first step in an ambitious internationalization strategy…

…Look out, here she comes!